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This testimony was written by Billie Dean for {and about} his one true Angel, Laura {blush, he made me write that}. LOL
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LJ by Angels

On the Plains in the middle of the Heartlands is a National Wildlife Refuge, Quivera. The ranger of many years there was Charles Darling. He often spoke at clubs and organizations like LIONS in the small town of Stafford. One of his favorite speeches was about the migratory habits of the aviary varieties which called the salt marsh their resort. Two of the many transient inhabitants were pelicans and eagles.

To accommodate the eagles, Ranger Darling, with help from some of the same clubs he spoke at and from youth groups, would construct new homes for them. Embedding pilings randomly through the marsh area did this. Far enough from the shore to deter predators such as wolves, foxes, skunks, and badgers. Although the skunks and badgers can swim and although the marsh was frozen three months out of the year, they think twice before going out to argue with an eagle.

The eagles would come around late August or early December. They would build their nests atop these pilings or atop the pilings where they nested the previous year. New eagles to the clan would need new homes, unless their parents were not returning. Eagles are very territorial with strong family ties. This is perhaps one of the reasons the Bald Eagle is our national bird. They stay to nest and lay eggs. The cold harsh winters of Kansas keep the Eagles fairly rooted to their nests except to hunt. Always one will remain behind to sit on the eggs keeping them at a constant incubation temperature. After raising the fledglings to young maturity, by the end of winter around February or March, they are ready for the trek back west to the Rockies and beyond.

Then come the pelicans. They are scavengers that take up squatters’ rights in the abandoned eagles’ nests. They gather up bits of dried leaves and line the nests to protect a bit against the still cool breezes. Where the skunks and badgers seldom would cross thin ice to tangle with an eagle, Pelicans were a different story. Going for a short swim in still icy water for a banquet of Pelican eggs was considered a cakewalk. One reason for this is because the pelicans are not equipped to battle with their webbed feet and scoop shaped bill. An old rhyme: An amazing bird the pelican, his beak can hold more than his belly can. Silly birds that squat on sites too close to the water's edge, and during droughts, cause the pelican to not appropriate as successfully as the Eagles. And, of course, there is man with his DDT, which threatened many of these noble creatures by causing their shells to be too weak to survive incubation.

All the background in, now here is my testimony.

During one particularly slow and low day for me in late January of '86, I asked God if there was really somebody looking for me out there? Better be careful asking questions if you are a praying man cause prayers are answered, you just might not understand it. Looking up to the western skies, I beheld a canvas painting of pure blue that can only be found on the Plains after a refreshing thunderstorm has passed by. There are just a few wispy fluffs of white dotting the otherwise clear air. I started watching some birds soaring high and doing loops of delicate patterns like a well-trained Blue Angels team. The eastern sun glistened off their wings so I was certain they were pelicans, although it was a bit early for them. While pondering whether they were eagles, martins, or pelicans, they split into two groups and formed the initials LJ as plain as could be. I knew no LJ’s nor could any of my acquaintances initials be reversed to make JL. I thought this because all my children’s names began with J. I laughed, but I also felt a deep peace and contentment just knowing that God had made a promise to me. I did not know when, nor where, nor how, but that did not matter. I knew it to be true. There was somebody looking for me and with His help and guidance, they would find me. I have an extremely short memory, so I soon forgot all these events. But after meeting LJ, the story returns to my mind like it had happened yesterday. I figure God wants me to write this else I would have forgotten it like I have forgotten so much else. The gif below is also made possible by God’s grace in allowing me a talent to create things to post online. Words can say much, but a picture is still worth a thousand words. I believe God allows us to be computer literate to spread His Word. At no other time in history has such a media been made by man to communicate world wide. The Web is just another of God’s domains and his domain name is known to all man.


We have found each other. LJ and I. It was by the grace of God. She is my angel and I am hers. She is perfection in every sense of the word’s meaning to me. Was it pelicans? I am sure now that it was Angels. Anyone who thinks otherwise might call Ranger Darling and ask if any of Quiveria’s inhabitants were flocking that week.

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In 1988, a ‘word' came to me. I believed that God was telling me that she was dying. I called and set up a time to talk with her together with her husband and my wife, but I had little idea of what was really going on.

She was resistant when I shared that "the Lord said... "

This is a true and graphic story. Some portions might be a bit too intense {with adult language} for younger readers, but it is a story worth reading. If it can help just one person, than it is of value. Everyone has worth! If you feel you have no one, EMAIL ME! I'll listen.

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