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Laura's Banners Swap Page

Laura's Page at

Hi! This is my banner made by Wizard of DOS { My Husband }

Feel free to send me your banner and/or code. It will be posted here for free! All I ask is that your site reflects God's love. Thank you.

Here's my code:

<! Start Cut Here> <center> <a href=""> <img width="468" height="60" src="" border=0 alt="Laura's Page at"></a> </center> <br> <! End Cut Here>
You may email your banner, URL, and/or code to me by clicking here.
If you need help, Please feel free to contact the WEB Apprentice of these pages by visiting the Wiz. He loves to help people.
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So glad you could drop by. You were my guest since March 10,1998. Please come back soon and visit again.