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I found all these while web surfing.

If any of them are yours and you wish credit for

them or you wish for me to remove them, please let me know.

Thank you.

Angel of Mystery considers her Art work very special, and rightly so. You have got to check out this site. It is beautiful. Please feel free to go to her page while mine is loading. It will open in a second window!
Just click on any image to view it. Note: Mouse can change the rotation of cube. Plan to create links to these pics in near future when I get some of my writings done.

More Angel Art is coming here!!
I have had this picture in my kitchen and, before that, my Grandma had one just like it in her house.
It is my favorite!

Find this Guardian Angel and her sister angels at the Guardian Angels Collection
These images came from Victorian Traditions
Gallery Graphics, Inc. MCMXCIV.

Oh dear - no Java!!!! Get some here

If you would like to know the MAGIC behind this Reflected Image of the Angel Watching Over the Children,

©WarM FuZZieS Title at
©FuZZy at
I know you will love Warm FuZZie's Angel Art collection as much as I do. Her choice of scriptures really help tell the story about the beauty of Angels. Just click on the cute little Fuzzie above..

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