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My first Award

ANGEL of Mystery

Thanx Angel

S-Mom wrote: It's amazing that you can find people on the internet, that you have never met, and most likely never will meet, yet, you can connect with them! Please, as a small token from me, accept this Award for your Secret Scar.

Smom's Home Sweet Home

Thanx SMom. This award is special to me for many reasons.

Teacher Award presented by Nurse LPN.

Nurse LPN's ** Teacher Award and Fantasy Land

Fly away to Fantasy

Thanx Nurse-LPN. I am truly impressed by what you have acomplished in such a short time. I can not wait to see what you do next!

Thanx to my CL Mentor, V a m p r i e n aŽ
:-) I Graduated (-:


:-)Thanx Boss Lady, I B your humble apprentice (-:


BOGO's World ** The Wiz says - Thanx 4 this Originality Award ** ICQ Help Page - Click HERE

Here is an award from another of my Mentors. This guy knows his animation. Also, he has an outstanding help page for ICQ users. Check out his site.

Thanx BOGO!

Angels Wings Awards Page ** The Wiz says - Thanx 4 this Guardien Angel Award **

This is such a kool award. A true Angel made this for me. Thanx Angels Wings.

[Goldenray Yorkies Award]
Thanx, Cher, for such a surprise! Toto thanks you, too {grin}.

Misty's World

This Wullihan Award from Grandma Misty has a special story behind it. Thanx Misty.

This award earned by Wizard of DOS for finding Jen's Secret Page.

I was surprised with the following Email in April '98

You have just been nominated for the caring Hands Award for giviing unconditionally of your time to help others on the internet to build their own Web Sites. CONGRATUALTIONS!!

Thanx Sharon. I really cherish this award.

Not all things are created equal in CyberSpace.

No Frames Entry Ways

notnamed23"> during 1998.

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