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by Digital Dave

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More Old DOS Stuff. Batch files, just like HTML, is in ASCII code. You young whippersnappers thought HTML was the first code?? LOL Of course, if there are any Old timers reading this, you can really date your age if you admit to the assembler language or, Heaven forbid, the Punch cards that used the assembler code.
These batch files are useful on older operating systems. Use them with caution!

How I won a NEW Pentium II System for FREE.


These are the steps I have done creating a home page at Geocities. That's all I did to win a Pentium II System. Doing the following steps does NOT gaurantee that you,too, will win a new system, but it enters you into the Geoguide Sweepstakes for FREE. I have been OnLine only about 5 months, but I love programming. Creating WEB pages just comes to me naturally.

You want to add the GeoGuide to your pages BUT you are not a programmer? Does not matter. There is only one {1} line to be added to your pages and Geocities has made the process almost painless. Very User Friendly instuctions await you on the coming journey through Geocities.

As I say on many of my pages, Dorothy was a bit hesitant when she began her journey through OZ. After meeting a few friends, she discovers that she had the ability to do what she wanted all along.

Need HELP making a banner?? Email Wizard of DOS by Clicking Here.

To get the new GeoGuide Code?

Enter your HomeSteader name and your password to get the single { one } tag line you need to be insert in your page code. ( Three if you include a center tag and its closing tag. )

Is Your banner in the GeoGuide Banner Exchange?

Wiz Tip # 4
Having the GeoGuide on your page Automatically enters you into the Geocities Sweepstakes!

Wiz Tip # 8
One thing users will often over look is ACTIVATING the GeoGuide after setting it all up. The Activate button is the third {bottom} button on the centered ToolBar of the GeoManager page.

Wiz Tip # 16
Is there something you like about Geocities? Email them and let them know you like it. People love getting pleasant email a lot, don't you?
Contact Geocities

Here's where to find out if your banner is in circulation yet. It is FREE!
Click here to view my banner in circulation!
Just enter your 4-digit address number and change the next box to your Neighborhood/Suburb

Wiz Tip # 56
You can view my source code, or any other URL source code, by clicking on View on top menu bar, then on Source {IE4} or on Page Source {NetScape}. This opens the HTML code in your Windows NotePad.
This can be manipulated the same as any text file {or HTML file} For the enlightenment of any DOS Dinosaurs, both text and HTML files are written in ASCII code. Then you can take advantage of tips you can read about at this Site. I have used many of these tricks myself and wish to testify that they work fabulously. We old die-hard DOS fans had a hard time converting to

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