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When Dorothy does her song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" she is daydreaming of a place that we all know. It is in our hearts. It is the place you go to when you give to others. This place does exist and it is sad when some people become strangers to it.

Many of my pages are graphic intensive. Due to that, please bear with the load time. Many of the animated gifs are very cute, but all have alternate text.

One of the things to look for during your journey through my pages {46 at present time} will be my Easter Egg. What is an Easter Egg? Check it out here. So far, only three adventurous visitors have found my Easter Egg. It is not hidden behind a curtain like OZ was, and it requires only what you already possess to find it Thanx.

During your journey, you will meet many characters. {Most all my friends are real characters -- LOL} Some will even become your friends. Visit them here. It is one of the lessons Dorothy learns on her journey.

I wish to take this opportunity to share a few of my favorite sayings with you.

1.Not all things are created equal in CyberSpace.

2. The trouble with giving advise is: A wise man don't need it and a fool won't take it.

3. Oz never did give nothing to the Tinman that he didn't already have.

The first step down the Yellow Brick Road begins here.

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