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How are you? I'm not just making conversation, I would really like to know how you are doing. Please E-Mail me and I'll be more than happy to listen. This is how I was raised to do things back in my small home town of Argonia, Kansas. We were taught to help our neighbors. This is why I chose to settle in the Heartland Neighbohood on the Prairie; because small towns have an attitude found in few metroplolis size cities. CyberSpace is more fun than a party line and Geocities is a wonderful community!

Wizard's Mailbox
I AM The Wizard of DOS
I'm so glad you could 'DROP IN'. Welcome to a short tour of what my site is all about. I will be rambling about days I remember in a more idealistic age in my Billie Dean Sunset Tales and I offer Wiz Tips on several of my pages.

During this tour, you will learn more about me and the warped way I think :-) If you are real familiar with WEB surfin' and just want to hit a few of my pages at random, Click Here to go to my EZ Navigator and select the page you wish to see {I have included this 'Tour' on the menu in case you wish to return here.} I note here, I have a T1 ethernet direct cable connection to the web, consequently some of my pages are graphic intensive. Takes a second or two to load on my system, but takes a while longer if you have the old fashioned phone modem connection :-( Sorry, but a picture truly does say a thousand words. But a picture also takes less time to see than reading a thousand words :-)

Please do not hesitate to click on the hyperlinks. Sites that contain a link back to the Wizard of DOS will appear in this same window, those without a return link will open in a new browser window. This can be somewhat disconcerting to those new to WEB surfin', but you veterans should have no problems.

If your system is low on resources or you have a limited RAM, opening multiple windows can cause slower loading of the page. My 1st Wiz Tip for you: RIGHT click on the TEXT {not on a gif, but the text} of a hyper-link, then click on properties. This will give you the URL of the link. You can Highlight the URL and press the Ctrl and C keys to copy the new URL to your Windows internal ClipBoard. Click on OK or Cancel, then click in your Address Bar of your browser and press the Ctrl and V keys to paste the new URL there. Then hit your Enter key.

I have made every effort to make the surfing process an easy one using code and buttons, but do not forget that you already possess the means to return to these pages should you wander too far. It is located towards the top left hand corner of your browser. It's your 'Back' button. Have fun!

I can give a Lion Courage, a TinMan a Heart,
and a ScareCrow a Brain !!
Remember, 'OZ never did give nothing to the Tinman that he didn't already have.'

All "Wizard of OZ" pictures are the property of MGM TM & 1998 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. All Rights Reserved. When I checked into this, I found that the use of these pictures on a non-commercial personal site is permitted. To use commercially would cost a mere $6000 {yes, six thousand} and would include a package of spread sheets and other advertising material.

When the "Wizard of OZ" made it's screen debut, Kansas was not a happy camper about how the state was portrayed in black and white. Some felt it implied {as the original 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' by L. Frank Baum implies} that Kansas was a gray and dreay place with no color. I do not believe that was the intention nor the focus of the Movie version. Rather it was intended to show OZ as a wonderland full of color with new and different sights.

I have always loved this movie. Because of this as well as my interest in DOS, a special gift I have of comprehending several different computer languages, and because the InterNet and HTML was a strange new land full of color and possibilites, I adopted the name Wizard of DOS. This tour is only 5 pages and is intended to promote the freindly and helpful culture found in Geocities and in the Heartland community in particular.

To continue the tour and get a feel for what my site has to offer, place your mouse pointer on the ruby slippers. Have a safe journey.

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