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Yes, the author is unknown, but Angel Blue Eyes presents this page in a truly beautiful, unselfish, and giving manner. This message, shared with Angel Blue eyes by Mr-Angel, needs to be shared with as many people as you can possibly contact. Bookmark her page and share it with friends. Enjoy her pages.

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Julia's Story

co-authored by Jerry Mason
Jerry Mason wrote to me on 4/24/98

"Some years ago a friend of mine was suffering with depression and Anorexia.

In 1988, a ‘word' came to me. I believed that God was telling me that she was dying. I called and set up a time to talk with her together with her husband and my wife, but I had little idea of what was really going on.

She was resistant when I shared that "the Lord said... "

This is a true and graphic story. Some portions might be a bit too intense {with adult language} for younger readers, but it is a story worth reading. If it can help just one person, than it is of value. Everyone has worth! If you feel you have no one, EMAIL ME! I'll listen.

For all of us 'newbie' authors, TAKE HEART !! My friend, Jerry Mason, is a successfully published author. If your goal is to follow writing as a career, check out some excerpts from one of his books and let him know what you think of it. Tell him Billie Dean sent you. Thanx.
The Gideon Factor

Jerry Mason

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