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Wizard of DOS

I am currently testing some new coding so thanx for helping a Wizard with his potions. Please bear with the load time because many of my pages contain a few animated gifs. I wish to take this opportunity to share a few of my favorite sayings with you.

1.Not all things are created equal in CyberSpace.

2. The trouble with giving advise is: A wise man don't need it and a fool won't take it.

3. Oz never gave nothing to the Tinman he didn't already have.

To really enjoy your trip though OZ, you need to leave the black and white world of text only and enter the real world. Many of my pages are graphic intensive, please be patient. I no longer have the TEXT ONLY version of my pages because there are some things that can only be said with pictures and color. Besides, my Easter Egg was not hidden on my TEXT ONLY page. So far, only three adventurous visitors have found my Easter Egg. It is not hidden behind a curtain like OZ was, and it requires only what you already possess to find it Thanx.

Wizard's EZ Navigator
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The first step down the Yellow Brick Road begins here.

I installed my new EZ Navigator on 3-20-98 and would appreciate any feedback you have on it. I feel it makes surfing my pages a wee bit more friendly. What do you think? Thanx

Wizard's EZ Navigator

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