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If you would like to know how to find the Micro Soft Internet Explorer 4.0# Easter Egg, I have that tucked away on one of my Trick Egg pages. You can find it easily by hunting for the Wizard's Easter Egg. Thanx and safe journey.

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There have been

Hunting / Finding Easter Eggs

If any of you have short memories {or total lack of same as I do}, you probably made a map where you hid the eggs for the kids. LOL Here's a list of maps the Wiz found laying around the Alchemy desk. Hope you enjoy these bits of magic.

Netscape Navigator 1.x and Communicator

Hit Control, Alt and F all at once. It's one of my favorite cams == FishCam!

Microsoft Windows Easter Eggs

Microsoft Excel 97

Hit F5, and type X97:L97, then hit Enter. Now hit Tab, hold down the Control and Shift keys, and left click on the Bar Chart icon -- the red, yellow and blue one.

Yeppers, U B flying. You have just activated the flight simulator hidden in the spreadsheet program. Ain't that kool?

Outlook 97 {Not Outlook Express}

Create a contact named Ren Hoek. Select the contact. Click on Help and About Microsoft Outlook. Hold down Control, Alt and Shift, and click on the OK button.

PowerPoint 95

Go to the Help window and click on About PowerPoint. Click on the icon on the left.

Windows 95 {Only if you have NOT installed IE4}

Select any open area on the desktop and click on it using the right mouse button. Select New, then Folder. In the folder's name field, type the following exactly:

and now, the moment you've all been waiting for

Press Enter. Use your right mouse button to click on the folder again and select Rename. Type in the following name exactly:

we proudly present for your viewing pleasure

Press Enter again. Again use the right mouse button to click on the folder and select Rename. Type in the following folder name exactly:

The Microsoft Windows 95 Product Team!

Press Enter again. Double-click on the folder again.

Word 97

Open a document and type zzzz. Run spellchecker. Some programmer had a warped humour, or maybe just frustrated?? LOL


From the start, make a right and go up the stairs. Avoid the bridge. Instead, go down the stairs on the other side. Look for a door on the left. Slide under it and look along the right walls. There are rumors about the faces of programmers' children in the walls.

"Starfleet Academy"

In the mission called Balance of Terror, set a course for the Haxius system and warp there. The pod of space snakes will greet you. Attack them and they attack back. In the mission called Common Ground, type, in capital letters, GNAT ATTACK. A swarm of gnats will appear.

Links for Hunting / Finding Easter Eggs

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No Frames Entry Ways

Not all things are created equal in CyberSpace.

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