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These are some contacts whose opinions are highly respected by the Wiz. I met some from reading their responses to questions in a mailing list we are all on. Others, I just met on-line.
If you see yourself here and wish not to be, Beep me and I will remove your entry. Any changes you want made to your entry? - Beep Me - at bottom of this page.

Tim is a HTML Wiz at the ripe old age of 17. I have found his responses to questions to be sound and intuitive. Enjoy his pages.

Tim Rivera's HTML Help Page

Here's a man that really loves his work. I always look forward to his opinions on any given issue. Excellent sense of cyber-humor. LOL

Harold A. Driscoll

Bart Szyszka I respect because of his common sense approach to WEB Page Designing. His sincere wish to help others is unmistakable and his graphics are outstanding. He beats Tim's old age by weighing in at 16 years old. It should come as no surprise that the younger set is so adept at this stuff. It is, after all, their future.

B. Szyszka

Meet Critter. His page is full of help and helpful links! Also, a special thanks to Critter. He gave me my favorite Wizard gif.


Bogo helped me a lot with the effects of hard returns in your coding. His opening page is a masterpiece!

Last, but by no means least, is my first-first. My First ICQ contact and my First mentor to help point me in the right direction on HTML coding!

Presenting *** StarBud! ***

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