Nice try, but would I really make my Easter Egg this easy to find ?? !! NOT !! Just keep clicking on things and you'll find it.

But here's the directions for Internet Explorer 4's Easter Egg! Mine is no where near this hidden so don't give up looking for mine. For the adventurous, the instructions are below for IE4:

1. Select "Help" from the main menu. You'll see "About Internet Explorer," click on it and a dialog box will pop up.

2. While holding the Ctrl and Shift keys, use your left mouse button to select the IE logo and then drag it all the way to the left.

3. Next, while still holding the keys down, move the logo to the right, moving it slowly like a snow plow towards the "EXPLORER 4.0" black text under "Microsoft".

4. A button will then be revealed that says "Unlock." Click it.

5. If the IE logo is not already over the earth, it will merely rumble, but if it is moved over the Earth or is already there, it will open a new window, revealing a long list of credits about the makers of IE 4.0, as well as a few inside jokes.

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