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Howdy Friends! I B the Wiz {grins}
The question you must all be asking yourselves?? How old is the Wize Old Wiz? LOL I ain't tellin'! But I will tell you that my favorite Holiday of the whole year is February 14th. Yeppers, Valentines Day. The Wizard's B-day and, being a fortunate Wiz, the Wizard's anniversary with his beautiful wife, Laura.

You will need to find the Easter Egg I hid 2 see pics of the rest of the Wizard's & Laura's Broods. {sly grin :-)}

Some things to see and do here are:
Trivia & Games

Enjoy Some Cakes and Stuff with the Wiz

Valentine Prose

OnLine Card Shops {Free}

E-mail me at Wiz_B-day in the meantime.

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